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In a world that is often mired with conflict, sport has become a global unifying factor and a symbol of strength and friendship. Different types of sport can test an athlete's skill, willpower, and endurance, and become an interesting topic for photographers to capture. Whether it is professional or amateur sporting events, photographers are encouraged to cover people of all ages as they test the limits of their bodies.



Technology is the result of humans' innovative spirit and need to improve their condition by producing goods and services through techniques, skills, and processes. From the creation of the humble wheel in the Neolithic period to the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century, all these man-made artifacts become the main focus in this category.



Wildlife photography chronicles the way in which wild animals live and interact in and with their natural habitats. No matter how small or big, the animal becomes the main focus of the image in this category. We invite photographers to venture far and wide into the wilderness, and provide the viewer with a glimpse through the eyes of wild animals.


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