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Anja Goder

Founder of MIPA and Photographer: Valletta, Malta

Based in Malta, Anja Goder is a professional photographer and founder of the Malta International Photo Award. Her interests include History of Art, Anthropology, and exploring interesting life stories that are often overlooked by the mainstream media. Apart from feeling that she has found her true calling every time she is behind a camera, there is an indescribable desire that pushes her to capture pictures and tell stories.

Dawn Drew

Publisher: New York, USA

Dawn is founder and CEO of travel consultancy MOSTE, Inc. and President of subsidiary DawnDrew Independent Productions, both based in New York City. A career publisher, Dawn has worked at the Atlantic Monthly, NY Times Company, and for nearly 16 years as Vice President/Publisher of National Geographic Traveler at the National Geographic society. Dawn is a graduate of Tufts University and holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and Political Science.

Prof. Keith Sciberras

Professor in Arts: Valletta, Malta

Professor Keith Sciberras Ph.D., is Head of the Department of Art and History of Art, University of Malta. Received as an Andrew W. Mellon Senior Fellow (2005) in the Department of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in 2005, he was elected Trustee of the Association of Art Historians (AAH), London in 2012. Professor Sciberras has published extensively on the subject of Caravaggio, Roman Baroque sculpture, and Italian Baroque painting and has contributed to numerous international research projects and exhibitions.

Lara Bugeja

Curator: Valletta, Malta

Professional Curator currently responsible for the Malta Postal Museum in Valletta, one of Malta’s leading museums. Holder of an M.A. (Museology) from the University of London. Ex-board member of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, Lecturer in Collections Care, Management and Preventive Conservation at the Centre for Restoration, Consultant to the Museums Department on the Maiolica Collection, Co-formulator of the Museums Operational Review.

Rok Kvaternik

Publisher: Ljubljana, Slovenia

CEO of Ernst Klett Publishers in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Mr Kvaternik established Rokus Publishing House in Ljubljana in 1991, which eventually became one of the biggest publishing companies in Slovenia and Serbia. They also established a significant presence in the Balkans after teaming up with German company Klett. In 2004 established branch offices of Rokus in Belgrade and Zagreb, publishing both textbooks and the National Geographic Kids magazine in these markets. He currently works with the National Geographic brand across a number of countries.

Francesco Merlini

Photo Editor and Photographer: Milan, Italy

Francesco read for a bachelor's degree in industrial design at the Politecnico University of Milan. His work has been published on international magazines and sites including The Washington Post, Le Monde, L’Espresso, Wired, GQ, Die Welt, Internazionale, and many more. He also coordinates the international photojournalism agency Prospekt, taking on the role of photo editor and sales manager. He works closely with some of the most awarded contemporary documentary photographers and relevant magazines worldwide.

Prof. Arne Hodalič

National Geographic Editor: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Arne is a seasoned photographer with over four decades of experience. His work has been featured in several renowned publications including National Geographic Magazine, Life (USA), Time, Nature, Die Zeit, Figaro Magazine, and many others. In 2008 he received an honorary doctorate in Visual Arts at the Academy of Arts and Design from the University of Ljubljana, and became a lecturer in Photography and photojournalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana). He is currently the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine Slovene Edition.