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Abstract - Autumn 2018

Cities - Autumn 2018

Nature - Autumn 2018

People - Autumn 2018

Storytelling - Autumn 2018

Our Prizes

GRAND PRIZE - Cash Prize


Top 3 in each of the five categories divided as follows:

First place in each category - €5,000

Runner-Up in each category - €3,000

Third place in each category - €1,000


SECOND PRIZE - Inclusion in Exhibition

Top 15 in each of the five categories

THIRD PRIZE - Inclusion in Publication

Top 25 in each of the five categories

All winning entries can still be subjected to an internal review in order to see that they are compliant with our Terms and Conditions. If there is a confirmed breach of our Terms and Conditions, the final winning entries can still be changed. Complaints about the above winning entries can be submitted at until Sunday 20th January at 3PM CET. After this period, all winning entries will be considered final.  Please allow a minimum of 3 workings days for us to get back to you.